Buy-To-Let Formula

Buy-To-Let Formulas

4 Easy Steps to Buy-To-Let Success

What You Will Learn.......

Purchase Price

How can the price you pay for a house effect the end formulas for returns and how much money will you need to have a successful business.

Cash Flow

When a tenant pays rent what will be left for you after the costs of running your Buy-To-Let.

Return On Investment

How to assess the ROI and NOT the Yield. This is the formula that is classed as a MUST KNOW for any investor that wants income each month.

Fi and Thembi Bhebe

 "We highly Recommended Course. Her simple and easy to follow formulas have given us a sharp understanding and knowledge of numbers."

Nici Gallagher

"It’s all just so much easier to understand now and I don’t feel like an idiot anymore. I couldn’t recommend or thank Janette enough:)’’

Jules Kennaway

It makes me feel very privileged to be learning with a Numbers coach like Janette, who goes the extra mile and genuinely wants her students to learn – and remember!

The Key Part Of The Puzzle!

That is how I see the numbers and formulas in the Buy-To-Let puzzle. Each piece of the puzzle will connect, in some way, to the rest of the picture, but the picture will not make sense if you don’t have the key.

I spent many months looking at property and not seeing or understanding the WHOLE picture. The numbers were a mystery to me and that is how this course came about. This Buy-To-Let Formulas Training is the KEY to seeing the picture. It is not just a spreadsheet or an app on the phone. It is the whole picture.  

At its core are just 4 steps that anyone can master and in this training will look at each step and talk through how it works with the rest of the picture.  

If you are NEW to property, you will understand the key elements of any prospective purchase how to assess the long term advantage of ownership. If you are EXPERIENCED, this training will clarify what is happening to your investments over time and how to assess the success of your buy-to-let property.  

The clarity you will get from this mini course, will result in the confidence you need to buy your next buy-to-let investment.

Janette White 

Janette White

Property Investor; Mentor; and Trainer

It was 2009 when my husband said, “What is this lump on my neck?” At that point, we were running a small hotel in Wales, so on Christmas Eve he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. My world changed and the realisation that life is not a rehearsal was front and centre.    

We started our journey to financial freedom. Why? Because working for money was no longer an option, it was time for money to start working for us. We started learning about buying property investments and taking a passive income. This meant that we not only had enough money to cover our bills but we also had property in order to create a financial legacy for our family. In addition we have extra income for our retirement and we also no longer need to work 60 hours a week to put food on the table.    

It was not always easy and the fear in doing something different to what others were doing was very real at first. However with training, a mentor and coaching at the right points on our journey, we achieved way beyond financial freedom and now we help others do the same.

 "The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you're no longer willing to stay where you are."

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